Good morning! The ladies of 14 Black had a great outing at the Heartland Play Date in Monticello on Sunday 1/14.

We went 1-3:Win against Dig It 14s 2-1; Loss against Royalton 14s 0-2; A very close game against a great Big Lake team 2-1.

Some great things we saw on the court:
-Rotation-We learned a new rotation in very minimal time, and it was executed very well. The girls knew where to go and were helping each other out if they needed it.
-Serves-Fire! Serves were great the majority of the time, although we know there is always room to improve here. A serve missed is a point handed on a silver platter to the other team.
-Passing-Passing was great, definitely the thing that I was happiest with throughout the day. Our passes were up at the net for our setters and we were setting the ball up and aggressively attacking.

Some things to work on in the next few weeks:
1. Hitting-We will work more on hitting in the next few weeks. Our priority since we started has been passing and serving, because without those two things we can even get the ball over the net to score a point.
2. Rotation-Andrea and I believe that we have a very dynamic team that has a variety of skills, we are hoping to put those to good use so that we have more options to play offense. We will continue developing our set rotation to capitalize on those strengths that we saw on Sunday.
3. Communication-Where we did fall apart was essentially due to communication. We will continue working on talking to each other and making sure the team is working together.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the girls, we had a good little crowd on our side. Thank you also for sacrificing your ability to have an uninterrupted view of the Vikings game!

See you soon!