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Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the community meetings and participate in the merger discussions.  From the meetings and the feedback the club has voted to move forward with the merger.  North Branch’s new community club would be created with kids from North Branch, Forest Lake and Chisago Lakes to create one club under the Lakes United name.  The following are the reasons for the merger and what the new club would look like:

Reasons for the merger:

Soccer is different from other sports in that it constantly builds in the number of kids needed on the field.  We start out with 6 vs. 6 (8-10 kids) on team and need to build up to 11 vs. 11 (18-22 kids), we would like our NB kids to still be able to play in our community as they get to the upper levels (U13 through U19).  Many NB kids are forced to quit because there are not enough kids to form a roster. Building a strong club program allows kids to succeed at every level including the HS level, which builds school spirit.

The advantages:

  1. It gives the NB kids and coaches the ability participate in the indoor training starting in November.
  2. It allows kids to develop and play at their own skill set and gives them opportunity to play at different levels (premier, C1, C2 and C3).
  3. There are more kids to create teams and more parents to volunteer and hold board positions.


Phase I for the 2014 Spring/Summer Seasons

We have created North Branch only teams for kids U14 and below as possible and we will work to accommodate all other players if teams are not available at their age level.

  • Two board positions have been created for NB individuals
  • New admiral LUFC uniforms will be ordered for all teams.
  • NB players and coaches would be eligible to participate in all LUFC training opportunities at no additional fees.


Phase II for 2015 (this will be re-evaluated at the end of the 2014 season)

Program Structure:

The rec. program and the U9 and U10 “gold” teams would stay in North Branch, this would give kids a chance to determine if they enjoy soccer and they want to continue to pursue this sport.

Kids at the U9/U10 level would also be given the opportunity (if their raking qualifies them) to move to a “maroon” team level, that team would more than likely be made up of kids from Forest Lake, Chisago, and North Branch.

U11 and Up

Would be considered the competitive teams and all three areas would merge to create C3, C2, C1, etc.  An example of what teams were offered for the 2012 season (to support additional options for our kids):

U10 U11 C2
U11 C1 U11 C3
U11 C2 U12 C2
U11 C3 U13 C1
U12 C3 U13 C2
U13 C2 U14 C2
U14 C3 U15 C2
U15 C2 U16 C3
U16 C2 U17 C2
U19 C2  

Coaches Training:

Coaches would be encouraged to have the "E" certification for the younger teams and higher certification /training for the older teams, the would also have the opportunity to attend coaches training starting in November.

Player Training:

Kids would have the opportunity to work on skill training once a week starting in November.