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7th Grade

Regular Season 2013

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Coach Matt Kozel

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is very important. Please notify me as soon as possible if your son will miss, or be late to, practices or games. If your son is late to practice, I expect him to run out onto the field to join the team. He won’t be scolded for being late, but I want him to hustle to join the team with energy and be ready to work.  It's important to note that each player will be coached to play a specific position(s), so if they aren't there, it affects the entire team and practice.  Please do your best to get your son there, on time, and I will do my best to end the practices on time.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: We are a feeder system for the high school coach. We will be developing the kids to play within his system. If we start this now, it’ll make us much more competitive when the boys are in high school.

GAME DAY: Arrive 1 HOUR prior to the game. Please limit player distractions during the game. Parents and siblings should stay back away from the players along the sidelines so they stay engaged in the game. Cheering is always encouraged, but please save conversation/discussion for after the game.

RESPECT: Please show respect for the referees and opposing players. If we want our team to be respectful and classy, parents and coaches need to lead by example. Parents, players, or coaches yelling at referees are a huge distraction and yelling at them will accomplish nothing. We are there to support the team and the best way is to do that is to be positive and encouraging of all players.

Football is a very emotional sport. There are lots of ups and downs. Coaches will mess up, ref’s will make bad calls, mistakes will happen by all. That’s just the way it is. Nobody wants to see this team succeed more than I do, so if there comes a time that you have any concerns/complaints of any sort I want to know what they are. However, I asked that you please give me 24 hrs after a game as I need that time to think about how the game was managed and what I could’ve done differently.
***Players play, Coaches coach, Parents cheer***

PLAYTIME: We are now playing in a league with no minimum playtime requirements. Playtime will be determined by effort, attendance, attitude, and ability. I will do my best to provide playtime for all, however, we ARE playing to win and it cannot be guaranteed.  My goal is to build and encourage a team atmosphere where the players understand that we win and lose together regardless of individual playtime.
Please keep in mind that the game(s) each week represents less than 10% of their total weekly football experience.