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Focused on College!

Hints from College Coaches

1) Check out sites like this one or this one for checklists outlining the steps you can take each year of high school to be ready for the transition from high school athlete to college athlete. 

2)Send out game footage, along with individual skills (passing, setting, hitting, serving, etc) to college teams for which you would like to play.

3) Call or e-mail the schools you are interested in and give them a heads-up about you, that you want to play, and where to see you play.

4) Go to the camps offered at the colleges you are interested in playing for and then TALK to the coaching staff and make them aware you would like to play for them.

5) Grades matter!

6) Be persistent.

7) Don't forget, you are "interviewing" them too.  Check our their program, coaches, philosophy, etc. to be sure the team and school will be the best fit for you too!

8) Use sites like NCSA to put your information out there for colleges to view...


North County Region Volleyball for Life

This link has GREAT information on our sport! Camps, drills, news, news, news!

University Athlete

What is University Athlete? University Athlete is the premier communication tool connecting collegiate coaches and prospective student athletes. We are NOT a recruiting service; we don’t sell athletes to colleges nor promote them in any way; therefore, the coaches trust us and use our services. UA combines the convenience of an online database with the efficiency of iPhone, Android, and Blackberry software to assist coaches’ recruiting efforts at tournaments. At a tournament, recruiters can instantly find any player, identify new players, evaluate and take notes without losing valuable time needed to watch courts. More than 300 Div I and more than 500 Div II, III, Juco and NAIA programs utilize University Athlete’s services and that number is growing. We have created a system that efficiently and effectively connects the coaches with the players in a timely and secure environment. Athletes now have the tools at hand to get the correct information into the hands of the recruiters at NO COST.

Rich Kern _ Recruiting Registry

Dedicated to Promoting Club and High School Female Volleyball Athletes to the College Program That Best Complements Their Abilities and Desires