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Fundraising Opportunities

Vikings Volleyball is committed to making volleyball affordable for all!

***Local businesses have graciously supported our club. They have requested that funds raised beyond player’s fees be used to support the club as a whole rather than players receiving refunds.*** As a club, we will respect this request.


Please contact...

Gina Dufeck

Fundraising Coordinator

Individual Fundraising:

***New this season***

All fundraising profits will be applied to player’s fees!

Greater Midwest

  • Variety of cookie dough, pies, cheesecakes, and meats                               

World Famous Candy Bars

  • $30 profit per box sold - 60 bars per box to be paid to the club at time of receiving

Dairy Queen Cards

  • $20 DQ cards = $15 player profit
  • $10 DQ cards = $9 player profit
  • Cards will be distributed in increments of $100. Player may get next batch when first batch has been paid for.

2013 County Market Grocery Bagging

Grocery bagging at County Market

Selling burgers and frys at Hay Days