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Referee Information

Getting Certified or Re-Certified as a Referee

Whether you are a new or returning referee, you should start by going to the Minnesota Soccer Referee Committee website and follow the instructions. The website was updated last year and there are some new instructions to follow for re-certifying. That link is:

New referees who would like to referee for North Branch Area Youth Soccer games need to contact referee coordinator Craig Stockel (  immediately after certification. In order to start the process, go to the website above and follow the instructions for either a grade 8 referee or grade 9 recreational referee. The explainations of the two can be found on the MNSRC webpage; however, if you have questions, please e-mail Craig.

Existing referees should update their on-line Arbiter information and confirm that they intend on reffing another year. Additionally, ANY referees who turn age 18 during the youth soccer season MUST submit to an MYSA background check.

Craig Stockel

Craig Stockel

Referee Coordinator

Phone: (612) 245-2416

Minnesota Referee Committee website

A link to the Minnesota State Referee Committee for most everything you'll need as a youth soccer referee.

Weather Guidelines

MYSA weather guidelines. Absolutely print a copy to have in your referee bag!

MYSA Competitive Game report

A link to print off some game reports to have in your bag -- just in case.