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Frequently Asked Questions



1)       Will Traveling Baseball impact my family weekends?

No! NB Traveling Baseball practice and games are scheduled during the week days so weekends during the season (May-July) are open. Each team will participate in 1-2 weekend tournaments during the season. Tournaments are the only times baseball will be held on the weekends.

2)       How far do teams travel?

NB Traveling Baseball participates in the Gopher State Baseball league.  While it varies slightly from year to year, North Branch is typically in a conference with cities such as Forest Lake, Chisago, White Bear Lake, Roseville, and Stillwater.  During the course of a 16 game regular season our teams typically are on the road for 8 games and home in North Branch for 8 games.


Most teams also participate in 1-2 weekend tournaments per year.  Tournament selection is at the discretion of the coach, however many coaches try to keep the travel distance reasonable.


3)      What does a typical weekly schedule look like for traveling baseball?

The practice and game schedules are determined by the coach and are based heavily on field availability.  Most teams practice 2-3 days a week in April up until the regular season games begin.  Once games begin, teams may practice 1-2 times per week and also play approximately 2 games per week (not including tournaments).  Most regular season games are held on weekday evenings at around 6:30.


4)      What does the $285 registration fee go towards?

The fee for traveling baseball covers a wide range of expenses such as:  uniforms, league fees, umpire fees, equipment needs, field fees, and the cost of one tournament per team.  It also includes $ 50 towards a major fundraiser per season.