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6th Grade Red

Regular 2012
2012 x Regular

Steve Thorp


Phone: Ph: 651-674-4744

Jason Knutson

Assistant Coach

Tom Wilmet

Assistant Coach

Chad Johnson

Web Administrator

Phone: 612-267-7413


Watch your emails on a regular basis as this will be the main mode of communication between the coaches and the players

If you would like to receive text messages also, please send Chad Johnson an email with the phone numbers you would like to receive texts.

Thank you,

Equipment Requirements

Equipment Needs:
Shoulder Pads: supplied by FLAAA League
Helmet: supplied by FLAAA League
Pants: Black (either sewn in pads or pockets for pads)
Socks: Black (Long)
Cleats: Plastic Spikes (no metal allowed)
Support Cup (required at all practices and games)
Mouth Guard: (required at all practices and games) buy 2 or 3
Water Bottle: Please bring plenty during practice and games (no sharing allowed)

When: Saturdays
Date: Begin September 10th - stay tuned for schedules

Equipment Pick Up

If you missed the original night for equipment pick up please talk with Steve to determine when and where you need to go to get fitted and pick up your equipment.

Original Night:
Wednesday, August 8th.




Please have your son wear a shirt / jersey that is large enough to fit over shoulder pads (so if that means raiding their older siblings closet or yours please do so)

Also please have your sons first initial and last name written on the back of the jersey with a black marker.

If your son played last year they can wear their old jersey from last year to practices.


Practice Begins

When: August 2nd
Where: Tower North
Time: 5:30 - 7:15 pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Please have your son there 15 minutes early so that we can start practice on time.  We have limited practice time so if everyone is there ontime we can start right away and the players will all benefit

Recent 6th Grade Red News

No news currently found.


Welcome to the North Branch 6th Grade Red Tackle Football Homepage
Welcome to the 6th Grade Red Tackle Football information website. This website is designed to keep parents and players informed of upcoming games, practices, and events that will be taking place during the course of the season.
During the course of the season our goal is to teach your child the basic skills of football both on and off of the field. You can expect to see us practice fair, have good morals, and prove to be a good role model for your child. If you have any concerns about this please feel free to contact us and we will discuss it in a closed and adult manner.
The above is what you can expect from coaches, here's what the coaches expect from parents:
Get your player to practice on time, or notify your coach. With over 20 kids on each of the teams, and limited practice time, a late arrival or absence can seriously upset a practice and will affect a player's preparedness which for safety reasons will affect their playing time.
Have your son properly dressed. If its cold, dress them warmly, and be sure they bring all equipment.
Control your emotions. Even coaches get excited. There is nothing more exciting than a close football game, we don't want parents getting reprimanded by game officials.
HAVE FUN!!!! None of these players are professional football players…yet! As such, remember that they are out there because they love the competition and the game of football. Let them have fun and let the coaches and officials do their jobs…it will make for a better season all around for everyone.
Coaches coach, Players play, Parents cheer!!!
We hope that you will find the above information useful as well as other features of this website. Please remember to check back often as the site will be continuously updated.