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Football Fundraising

2018 Youth Football Fundraiser

What? Dairy Queen Cards
What’s Included?

$10 Cards

What’s it for? All proceeds go toward the purchase of football helmets and shoulder pads for the youth program.
Details: Each player has three cards, one $10 and two $20 cards to sell.
Addional cards are available upon request.
A player can earn $4 for each card sold beyond 5.
Any player that sells 10 cards will receive a black and red dryfit athletic shirt with the traveling football logo (see upper right corner) on it.
Timeframe: The fundraiser drive ends Tuesday, August 21st. Please return your envelopes to pracce that night.

Checks: Please have checks payable to NBYTF

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like additional cards, please contact Gina using the email link below. Thanks.

Gina Dufeck

Fundraising Coordinator