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Tourney #5 - Cloquet

First Place Gold Division


The Lady Vikings 12U Red team had a strong showing at the Cloquet tourney.  Morning play resulted in a 5-1 game result, and they headed off to the gold division playoff bracket.  The girls showed strong ball control. showed communication on the court, and worked through some tough spots being down by several points.  But effort matters, serves matter, ball control matters...and the girls are really showing how all these can come together.  Congrats on the Lady Vikings on taking 1st place gold division today, their 3rd in a row!  We are excited to see them perform in their last tourney of the season at our home tourney in a couple of weeks.  Thanks to the awesome coaching staff too!

Tourney #4 - Woodbury

First Place Gold Division


The Woodbury Tourney for the 12U Red team proved to be an exhilarating one.  The ladies went undefeated for matches for the day and took home the gold!  In probably one of their best matches of the season, semi-final match went 3 games and was a nail biter.  The girls fought back from being behind, held rallies that kept the fans holding their breath, and worked through some tough spots.  Even fans in the stand were heard saying "Now THAT is volleyball!"   Congrats to the girls and coaches on a very successful and well-earned championship!

Tourney #3 - Duluth

First Place Gold Division


It was the 3rd straight weekend for volleyball for the girls, and the Vikings 12U Red came into dominate at the Duluth Freeze Tourney.  With little competition in the morning as the girls had serving practice on the opposing teams, they rose to the gold division easily.  The girls really have showed so much improvement since the first tourney, and the ball control really outshined this weekend.  So fun to see them each gaining confidence and court presence.  In the last match of the championship game, down by 3 points, the team rallied and took the match.   Congrats to the 12U Red team! 

Tourney #2 - Bethal

2nd Place Gold Division

The 12U Red came out even stronger in their second tourney taking 2 out of 3 matches during pool play.  The team then won their first play off match and was headed to the championship game in the upper division.  The girls held their own, but was unable to beat the team, and resulting in a very nice 2nd place finish!  

The girls continue to really grasp their roles on the court, the importance of communication, ball control, and getting in many 3 hit combinations where the girls can attack the ball at the net.   

Congrats 12U Red on a well done day!

Tourney #1 - SOAR

The 12U Red came out to St. Cloud for their first tourney.  Maybe a bit nervous, maybe a little confused, but these girls put things together as the day went on.  They are learning positions, switching to home positions, communication, and lots of ball control.  They showed so much improvement as the day went along.  Each player has her own strengths on the court, and these ladies are on their way to being Vikings Warriors!