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Volunteer Program

North Branch Area Youth Soccer Association


Traveling Summer Soccer Season

Sue Roman

For Questions on the Volunteer Program

Click on the "Fundraising Events" tab for ways to earn your volunteer credits.

      NBAYSA has instituted a new program designed to have all parents assist in fundraising and team events.  As a group, we determined that there were a few volunteers doing the majority of the work for the benefit of all the kids involved in the program.  It was decided that more parent participation was needed to relieve the same parents from doing all of the volunteer efforts to promote traveling soccer into the future.

     We understand that time is very important to all of you, and everyone has many things that they need to do. We also understand that you may have multiple kids playing different sports in the community. You must also understand that a core group of people have spent countless hours working to make your child’s soccer experience the most enjoyable and competitive as possible. We have made decisions to bring NBAYSA up to the level of other clubs in the area, but we cannot do it alone, we need your help!

     Each player’s parents will be required to earn 4 credits (per family) towards volunteer time during each summer season or forfeit their $50 check.  If you have 2 or more kids involved in the program, it is still just 4 credits.  Points will be awarded in various ways. To find out more about the volunteer opportunities, visit the Fundraising Events page.

     Only your participation can help in making this upcoming year the most enjoyable for all your kids. We appreciate all of your time and efforts! 



North Branch Area Youth Soccer Association