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Frequently asked Questions

Q - What is Traveling Soccer?

A - Traveling soccer is an opportunity for kids to be involved in an organized soccer program in a competitive environment, and to develop a higher level of play.  The program is geared for the individuals that want to be more serious about their skill development in a team atmosphere.  Players have an excellent opportunity in Traveling Soccer to experience the personal growth of character that comes from committing the time and effort to achieving at a higher level.

Q - How many nights are involved with Traveling Soccer?

A - Typically two nights a week.  For example, if the MYSA schedule states that U13 Girls are on M/W, typically they will either play or practice on M/W nights.  However, Teams may choose to hold practices on additional nights.  Older teams may choose to have more than two practices a week.  The exact schedule will be determined by the coach and the team and will be discussed at the initial Parent/Team meeting at the start of the season.

Q - How long is the Traveling Season?

A - The Traveling Season is typically from April through the State Tournament which takes place at the end of July.  How early practices start in April will depend on the weather and the coach.  Games officially start the first Monday in May.

Q - What night(s) will my child play?

A - Game nights are determined by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA).  Below is the schedule for Spring/Summer 2012 Season.  The team your child is placed into by NBAYSA, will determine the night(s) of games.  Find your child's team level based on age, gender and the "classic level" (i.e. U12 Boys Classic 3 will play on Tues/Thurs.  Most of the North Branch teams are Classic 3.

MYSA 2012 Traveling Season Game Night Schedule

Age / Division Girls Boys
U9 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U10 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U11 Classic 3 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U12 Classic 1 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U12 Classic 2 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U12 Classic 3 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U13 Classic 1 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U13 Classic 2 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U13 Classic 3 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U14 Classic 1 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U14 Classic 2 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U14 Classic 3 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U15 Classic 1 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U15 Classic 2 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U15 Classic 3 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U16 Classic 1 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs
U16 Classic 2 Tues - Thurs Mon - Wed
U16 Classic 3 Mon - Wed Tues - Thurs

Q - How far will the Team travel for a game?

A - Our club is in the MYSA North District which does cover a large area.  Most games will be within a 50 mile radious of North Branch, however we could travel as far Duluth.  Until a team receives its official schedule at the end of April, we will not know where each game will be played and with whom.  Typically each team will play between 10-12 games of which half will be played at home.  The number of teams within each age group/division, will also impact playing venues.  Younger ages seem to have a greater number of teams (within the North District) which may keep the games closer to home.    

Q - When is Registration and why do we have to Register so early?

A - Registration for Traveling teams typically runs from late October through the end of January (at this time).  We also hold 1-2 Walk-in Registration options, as well as the Online Registration option for registering your child(ren).  Times and venues will be noted on this web-site, along with advertising on various Community electronic bulletin boards.

Regarding the Registration timeline:  There are many activities and tasks that happen behind the scenes.  Once a registration is received, teams will be formed and information has to be recorded and sent to MYSA.  Depending on the number of teams, practice/game fields and referee's need to be assigned.  Once all registrations are received a commitee will gather all applications and information in order to award scholarships.  Uniforms and equipment need to be ordered, based on the final number of teams and players.  All of these tasks are date driven, which must be completed by MYSA timelines.  Lastly, as all this is done by volunteers in a very short period of time.  Most Club's hold registration and tryouts in the months of August and September (right after the summer season has completed).

Q - Do teams always participate in Tournaments?

A - Whether or not a team participates in a tournament is dependant on the Coach and Team and should be discussed at the initial Team meeting in April.  Many teams do enjoy playing in tournaments and there are many opportunities in the surrounding community and/or the North side of the Twin Cities.  Tournament expense is covered by the Team/Parents.  Playoff tournaments are covered by NBAYSA.

Q - Will all Traveling Players have equal Playing Time?

A - According to the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA): The competitive program for U9 and U10 players is considered "developmental" and does not have all of the elements of the competitive program for older players.  Scores are not "officially" kept; there are no league winners and no state tournament at the end of the season.  NBAYSA policy is equal playing time for this level of play, as all players are still learning the game.

The MYSA competitive program for U11 and U12 will include keeping scores, standings, league winners and end of season state tournaments.  However, it is NBAYSA opinion that all small sided levels are considered "developmental".  NBAYSA policy encourages balanced playing time that is congruent with continued individual player development.  Emphasis is on well-rounded Player Development to ensure players are trained in all aspects of the game (forwards, midfield, fullbacks, and goal keeper).

For U13 and Older levels, MYSA provides multiple levels of play.  For U13: Classic 1 (C1) being the most competitive division and Classic 3 (C3) the least competitive.  For U14 and older: Premier being the most competitive and C3 the least competitive.  All U13 teams and older are considered "competitive".  Thus, it is the policy of NBAYSA that Coaches use discretion based on the following: for C3 and C2 teams, balanced play is encouraged, but may not always be possible.  For C1 and Premier teams, all players will get playing time however, it most likely will not be equal.  There are many factors that determine playing time for U13 and above.  This could include (but not limited to): skill level, attitude, practice attendance, game punctuality, etc.  Emphasis is on Individual Player and Team Development.