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USAV Referee and Score Keeping Training

Referee and Score Keeping Training

Click on the following links to be redirected to the required trainings...

Our club's code:    VKING


  • Athletes cannot participate in a Tournament until this is complete.

  • Warning: The training is very detailed and it will consume significant time. It's best to work on this early and frequently until complete. At the younger ages like 12u, 13u, and some new 14u players we suggest that parents participate in some of the modules with their athletes. Parents will have the benefit of knowing the signals used for interpretation of the game. 
  • Please click on the link to access the online training. Please follow the instructions for best results.
  • Use "Vikings Volleyball" when asked for the Club Name.
  • As instructed please select the appropriate age level for training. 12u has different requirements than 16u.
  • As instructed when complete with all training modules go to the Transcripts Tab on your page. The right hand side of the transcripts page will have a button labeled "Certificates". There you will find the PDF file of the completion certificate. Chose the one showing level completion and not the individual courses. We suggest you print and save a copy of that PDF file. Some coaches may want you to e-mail that file to them rather than the paper copy. If you don't have a printer we can help. No need to print in color as it will burn significant ink. 

If you are having difficulties with Microsoft Internet Explorer and this website training try Google Chrome or another browser. 
Its very hard to cheat on the tests. Tests are only 10 questions. You need 9 out of 10 to pass. 90%. When you test again many of the questions will be different or the order of multiple choice answers changed. It will save more time if you just pay attention and learn the material.
You may get frustrated and ask why we do this. Remember we pride ourselves in representing good sportsmanship and our community. We strive to be the best example on the court, reffing the game, or off the court during breaks. Other athletes from other communities will be depending on us to do this right.