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What should you be eating as a wrestler

Food tips

Viking Wrestling
Eating Tips:

Lots of water: Water replacement is a critical part of a nutritional plan for a wrestler.
Hard boil eggs and only eat egg white.  Great source of protein

Skim milk

Baked potatoes are a must.  Red potatoes are better, eat the skin.  (Slower digesting carbs and loaded with vit and min)

Apples are a better slow burning carb than oranges. Great throughout the day.

Beans are great (pinto or lima) or slit peas  ( Fiber and protein)

Whole grains are great (100% whole wheat) = slow digesting carbs

Cultured dairy products ( yogurt and frozen yogurt) = slow digesting carbs

Eat often every 2-3 hours
Lean protein every meal

Fruit & Veg every meal

Pasta, bread, rice after practice ( white)

Plenty of water and sip Gatorade for rehydration

Slow digesting carbs- consume during day (trickle into blood)
-    yogurt, apples, whole grain, bean(legumes), red potatoes
-    apples, veg, legumes, oats, potatoe skins, (slows the digesting of other carbs)

Medium digesting carbs – pancakes, corn, fruit, peas, pasta, rice, orange

Fast – shoot into blood stream = Gatorade, poptarts,

Do not use jogging or biking to lose weight during the season.  This will develop slow twitch muscle fibers.  Rely on good eating habits and intense workouts in the wrestling room.
Sample Diet
(Alter depending on how intense and how frequent you work out)

    2 cups of whole grain cereal
    I cup of skim milk
    I apple

Lunch (through out the day: when ever you get a chance to eat: study hall, lunch, in between classes)
    Sandwich = two slices of whole wheat bread or whole wheat bagel
              = lean meat ( chicken, turkey, venison)
    2 apples/ oranges (clementines) Prefer apples
    1 egg white ( hard boiled- do not eat yolk)
    I cup of carrots
    microwave potato if possible. (use water to keep moist, not butter)
    I cup of chocolate skim milk before practice

Supper  early as possible ( right after practice)
    I cup of chocolate skim milk
    I cup of rice or pasta or tortilla soft shells (2)
    I cup of peas or corn
    Microwaved potato
    Lean meat or beans ( w/ pasta or rice)
    Stew or split pea soup could be substituted for meal

After weigh-ins
-    Apple sauce, fruit, crackers, cereal, water, sip Gatorade, chocolate skim milk, pasta, rice, pancakes
-    faster digesting cabs to aid in recovery  

eat orange 20 minutes before meal (less hungry)
-Clementines = prevents you from eating more than you need.

*Eating the right foods will allow you to have a perfect practice. Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Good nutrition keeps you mentally sharp and gives you the physical edge to beat your opponent in the third period.