We are very excited to be hosting our 11th Annual Vikings Classic JO Tournament for our club in 2020-2021.

We want to make this tournament competitive and fun for everyone.

Entrance Fees:
$7.00 for adults (18+)
$5.00 for children (6-17)
$5.00 for Seniors (62+)

Here are a few guidelines for the tournament:


  • We encourage respectful communication with members of the officiating crews, individual athletes, teams, clubs, etc.
  • Teams need to be on time.
  • Coaches need to make sure that warm-up, time-outs, and team meetings are timely.
  • Please remember that only the first two warm-ups are 10 minutes; the others are only 6 minutes, and time-outs are 30 seconds.

Team Camps:

  • Please be respectful of the designated camp areas within the schools.
  • Individuals are not allowed to leave the designated areas and roam the school.
  • We ask that your teams DO NOT bring crock pots, coolers, roasters, microwaves, or other electric appliances.
  • Please note a concession stand will be available at each playing site along with tournament t-shirts.
  • Please clean up your area before leaving.

Officiating/Scorer’s Table Protocol:

  • The players need to be paying attention to the game.
  • No cell phones, food, or other distractions at the table.
  • Score sheets need to be completely and correctly filled out at the bottom.
  • All score sheets will be collected after each match.
  • In our region, coaches (or an adult registered with USAV who has been to an official’s clinic) will be required to attend an official’s clinic before officiating.
  • The officiating team must provide a first referee, a second referee, scorekeeper, Libero tracker, scoreboard operator, and two line judges.


  • After pool play, all teams will go into either Gold or Silver playoffs.
  • If your team loses during tournament play, you are required to stay and ref the following match.
  • Please check with the tournament director before you leave the site.

Attire Sales:

  • We again will be having a screen printer on site to do custom items for all players.
  • They will have choices like t-shirts, pants, and sweatshirts all with custom logos and team names.