Coach's Code of Conduct

A coach is responsible for the operation and conduct of his/her team. S/he is the teacher of skills and a developer of players, socially, morally, psychologically, and physically. The coach is responsible to the Vikings Volleyball Board of Directors. These responsibilities include:

  • The coach (or team manager appointed by the coach) is responsible for maintaining communication with families regarding practices and game schedules, as well as changes to stated times.
  • Enforce common rules regarding care of equipment and facilities which include the following: 1) restrain the players from damaging the gyms and property 2) cleaning gyms from debris such as water bottles, pop bottles, etc. 3) safeguard all facilities and equipment utilized 4) put away all VV equipment at the end of practice.
  • Team coaches will maintain a minimal medical supplies inventory which is provided by VV. If no emergency medical personnel are available, the coach or his/her assistant should follow recommended medical procedures. However, in any and all situations, the parent has the ultimate responsibility.
  • Coaches will refrain from the use of tobacco products during game and practice situations. Coaches will also refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages prior to and during games and practice situations.

A coach who continually violates the VV guidelines shall 1) first be addressed by the Program Director 2) if no improvements, the coach personally meets with the VV Board 3) if steps one and two fail, the coach may be dismissed by the VV Board and a suitable replacement named.

Coach's Expectations:

  • Attend practices, tournaments, clinics and development events with players.    (Repeated missed practices will affect pay)
  • Show concern for player safety and well-being.
  • Be consistent and fair, establish trust.
  • Be organized and prepared for all practices, matches, and events.
  • Model behavior that is consistent with the Vikings Volleyball mission, philosophy and values.
  • Teach and provide volleyball knowledge to the best of your ability.
  • Increase knowledge/skills through clinics and other resources.
  • Attend periodic coaches meeting.
  • Encourage open, two-way communication with parents and players.
  • Submit to and pass a background check.