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8th Grade Traveling Football

8th Grade Traveling Football

James Robillard

Head Coach

Ray Croal

Defensive Coordinator

Scot Nielsen

Assistant Coach

Paul Schneidewind

Assistant Coach

Ryan Giese

Assistant Coach

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8th Grade Football News

Helmets on Monday - Full pads starting Wednesday

08/13/2018, 10:30am CDT
By James Robillard

Practice today will again be helmets only. We'll start with full pads on Wednesday.

Helmets at Practice

08/10/2018, 6:45am CDT
By James Robillard

We'll begin practicing with helmets on Thursday, August 10th. Full pads beginning next week.

8th Grade Overview and Expectations

This website is designed to keep parents and players informed of upcoming games, practices, and events that will be taking place during the course of the season.

During the course of the season our goal is to teach your child the basic skills of football both on and off of the field. You can expect to see us practice fair, exhibit good morals, and prove to be a good role model for your child. If you have any concerns about this please feel free to contact us and we will discuss it in a closed and adult manner.

The above is what you can expect from coaches, here's what the coaches expect from parents:

Get your player to practice on time: or notify your coach. We start practice at a set time. If players arrive at that time... they're late. With the number of players on the teams, and limited practice time, a late arrival or absence can seriously upset a practice and will affect a player's preparedness which, for safety reasons, could affect their playing time. We have plenty of parents willing to assist with rides so please feel free to reach out to us if you need help getting to practice.

Game Day: Arrive 1 HOUR prior to the game. Please limit player distractions during the game. Parents and siblings should stay back away from the players along the sidelines so they stay engaged in the game. Cheering is always encouraged, but please save conversation/discussion for after the game

Have your son properly dressed: If its cold, dress them warmly, and be sure they bring all equipment. We work conditioning into every practice so ensure they bring plenty of water.

Control your emotions: Even coaches get excited. There is nothing more exciting than a close football game! We don't want parents getting reprimanded by game officials which could lead to parents and coach being ejected from the game.

Playtime: We are playing in a league with no minimum playtime requirements. Playtime and positions will be determined by effort, attendance, attitude, and ability. My goal is to build and encourage a team atmosphere where the players understand that we win and lose together regardless of individual positions played.
*Please keep in mind that the minutes in a game each week represents less than 20% of their weekly football experience; players get better at practice.

HAVE FUN!!!! None of these players are professional football players…yet! As such, remember that they are out there because they love the competition and the game of football. Let them have fun and let the coaches and officials do their jobs…it will make for a better season all around for everyone.

Coaches coach, Players play, Parents cheer!!!

We hope that you will find the above information useful as well as other features of this website. Please remember to check back often as the site will be continuously updated.